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  • Theme update

    I have recently been working on updating the theme on this site so that it feels comfortable for me to use, as I’m the one most likely to dive in and re-read the articles I’ve put in. In doing so, I have managed to strip out Twitter Bootstrap entirely, and put in my own CSS […]

  • Republicizing a Jetpack post

    If you find you need to republicize a blog post through Jetpack which for some reason couldn’t be sent the first time it was published, you can quickly fix it with some database tweaking. First of all, you need to know the id of the post. Edit the post through the admin section, and the […]

  • Revert tracking protection back to ON for all sites

    Previously I discussed how to turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox, which has been a great boon to my browsing activity. The problem with this is that Firefox doesn’t have any way of letting you know what sites have had tracking protection disabled, so you can visit a site with tracking protaction turned off without […]

  • There are some perks to being ill

  • Back to the old familiar

    If you check my site regularly (and why one earth wouldn’t you?), you may have noticed it has changed a little in the last few days. To confirm, I have ditched my own CMS, written using Python and Flask, and replaced with with WordPress. I imagine many hysterical shrieks as people ask how I could […]