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  • Sticking with Fedora

    I’ve decided that, when I start my new job, I absolutely will be sticking with Fedora. While Ubuntu 16.04 has brought with it PHP 7.0, I was amazed to find that it didn’t have the latest version of docker-compose, meaning that it needed to be installed via python-pip, rather than just from the repos. I […]

  • Revert tracking protection back to ON for all sites

    Previously I discussed how to turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox, which has been a great boon to my browsing activity. The problem with this is that Firefox doesn’t have any way of letting you know what sites have had tracking protection disabled, so you can visit a site with tracking protaction turned off without […]

  • Firefox Multi Process Mode

    Recently I heard news that Firefox would be moving from a multi-threaded to a multi-process model, which excited me greatly. Not only is this better for speed, but it also has a great effect on security too, as processes can only talk to each other via an API. There will soon be two process, instead […]

  • Firefox Tracking Protection

    If you’re a user of Firefox, you may have already noticed that Tracking Protection is enabled in Private Window mode. This nice little feature will block any element on a web page which is likely to track your usage – something you definitely don’t want when you’re trying to keep as low-key as possible. However, […]