Sticking with Fedora

I’ve decided that, when I start my new job, I absolutely will be sticking with Fedora. While Ubuntu 16.04 has brought with it PHP 7.0, I was amazed to find that it didn’t have the latest version of docker-compose, meaning that it needed to be installed via python-pip, rather than just from the repos. I find this to have been a very silly oversight, and just happens to be one of many oversights that seem to plague the distro. I’m not going to bash Ubuntu, because it’s really rather wonderful, but I’m at the point now where I can say that it’s no longer for me.

Fedora is has certainly become my de facto when it comes to Linux. Sure, it may sometimes slip when it comes to releases, but it does a great job of keeping on top of new technologies (except PHP 7.0, for some reason). Gnome always stays up to date, as does Firefox, though I’m using the Dev edition these days for e10s support.

Gnome Boxes is also considerably better within Fedora, which is my favourite tool for virtualisation. Virtural Machine Manger is nice and all, but it’s depth of options makes it take so much longer to boot in to a VM. Boxes has support for quick installs of CentOS, so I can bash out a VM in next to no time.

Finally, one of the cool features for wanting to play around Ubuntu was LXD, but really, it’s just LXC with a different interface, but it just isn’t as portable as Docker, which is what I’m really starting to love using in my day to day.



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