Ubuntu vs Fedora

For about the last year I have been using Fedora on my computers, but since the release of Ubuntu 16.04, I thought I’d give that a go. While they both work extremely well, there are cons to both, and so I cannot reconcile which I would like to install when I start my next job and get a brand new laptop. Here are the cons I have so far, and I hope that writing them down will help me.

Ubuntu Fedora
Not an RPM based distro (CentOS is default at new job) Fewer packages
Does not track Gnome upstream Often slow at updating packages (Firefox, openssl)
Gnome Boxes doesn’t work so well No LXD
Requires Unity Tweak Tool to be of any use Requires Fedy to be of any use
Often fails to fix issues in applications NIH Unpredictable release cycle
Overrides Online Accounts tool Documentation nowhere near as good as Ubuntu
Starting to feel stale, stuck with Unity 7. Proprietary driver support lacking
Even LTS desktop can be buggy
Heavy system requirements

Part of me thinks that I might use Fedora on my desktop, but Ubuntu on my server (where updates are critical). Ubuntu 16.04 already ships with php 7, but Fedora is very far behind the curve here, and it’s that which often frustrates me. Maybe there is no simple answer, and I should just install Fedora and rely on Docker and VMs for anything I need which isn’t in the repos.



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4 responses to “Ubuntu vs Fedora”

  1. Oliver Avatar

    > Requires Fedy to be of any use

    I don’t agree with this. Apart from maybe font rending.

    > Starting to feel stale, stuck with Unity 7

    Have you seen the method for running Unity 8? Wonder if you would get on with it

    1. Matthew Ames Avatar

      Font rendering is one of the big draws of Fedy, as with a single click install of the multimedia codecs. I know I could do a lot without it, but it’s just a bit of a pain hunting down all the repos, and trying to remember all the package names.

      I’ve seen that Unity 8 can be run, but I definitely don’t think it’s ready. I stand by my conclusions in the next post stating that I am going to stick with Fedora from now on.

      1. Oliver Avatar

        I agree that Fedy makes this easy, but the choice of words “to be of any use” is a little strong don’t you think?

        1. Matthew Ames Avatar

          Well yes, but I can’t be bothered to edit the post now.