Revert tracking protection back to ON for all sites

Previously I discussed how to turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox, which has been a great boon to my browsing activity. The problem with this is that Firefox doesn’t have any way of letting you know what sites have had tracking protection disabled, so you can visit a site with tracking protaction turned off without realising it. Fortunately, Firefox stores a lot of it’s information in sqlite, which is an easily modifiable format.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find your Firefox profile path. You can do this by typing about:profiles in to your browser url bar. Look for the “root directory”, and that’ll be where you profile is stored. It is important that you now close firefox completely, otherwise the permissions will not take affect.

Now, with your favourite Sqlite3 editor, you simply need to open permissions.sqlite and run the following query:

select * from moz_perms where type = "trackingprotection" and permission=1;

This will list every site which has Tracking Protection switched off, and will look something like this:


To then turn protection back on, you simply need to delete those lines. A command to do so will look a little like the below, where I have put the id from the first column of the above list in to the query.

delete from moz_perms where id=3;

Once that’s complete, you can load your firefox, and you’ll see all of the tracking protection permissions set back to normal.



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