Firefox Tracking Protection

If you’re a user of Firefox, you may have already noticed that Tracking Protection is enabled in Private Window mode. This nice little feature will block any element on a web page which is likely to track your usage – something you definitely don’t want when you’re trying to keep as low-key as possible. However, if you go a look at the options you will find that Tracking Protection is only available in Private Windows. This is certainly not ideal, but it turns out that this can be enabled globally such that it is enabled in non-private windows.

Tracking Protection options in Firefox

Enabling Protection

To enable this feature, enter about:config in your URL bar, and you’ll be presented with a warning page as per the below. To continue, click on the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.

About Config Firefox Page

Now type “privacy.trackingprotection.enabled” into the search bar, and it will hunt down the options. All you need to now is double click the value so it changed from “false” to “true“.

Tracking Protection Enabled

Tracking is now enabled!

Toggling Protection

If you have any sites complaining about ad-blockers, or you want to enable ads on a page, you will now notice a little shield in the URL bar. Click that and click on “Disable protection for this site” to enable adverts and other tracking elements on that domain alone.


The good news is that this option is synced using Firefox Sync, so you only have to enable it once, and it will stay with you on whichever desktop you are syncing your browser settings.


Unfortunately, this option does not sync to mobile versions of Firefox, however you can perform the same actions as the desktop and achieve the same results.



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