Back to the old familiar

If you check my site regularly (and why one earth wouldn’t you?), you may have noticed it has changed a little in the last few days. To confirm, I have ditched my own CMS, written using Python and Flask, and replaced with with WordPress. I imagine many hysterical shrieks as people ask how I could allow myself to use this security hole ridden piece of tripe.

Well, I’ve upheld for a long time that if you don’t install hundreds of plugins, WordPress is stable and extremely worthwhile, especially if you take simple security measures, such as blocking php execution from wp-content/uploads. I have also created a little cronjob which tells me every day if there are any WordPress updates to be installed, using the brilliant wp-cli tool. While it’s possible that someone can still compromise my site, I am happy that I am taking enough precautions.

Another reason for my switch came from trying to help Ilona with her own site. We wanted to create a portfolio site for her with very little administration. WordPress was good for this, as long as we could create our own theme with certain requirements. After a couple of days of tinkering in PHP, and learning a lot more about CSS media queries, I finally felt that I could create a site that looked the way I wanted it, while using WordPress. I was previously reliant on third party themes, which would never quite feel the way I wanted them too.

Finally, using wordpress at least means I don’t have to worry so much about maintaining my own extremely bad code. This is the biggest bonus!